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If you are wanting to sell your business, you need to first know how much it is worth. That is why at Oklahoma Business Brokers, we provide all of our clients FREE Tulsa business valuations. First, you might be asking yourself exactly what is a business valuation?

What is a business valuation?

Simply put, a business valuation is just the process that one must go through in order to find the economic value of your business in order to be able to give you, the business owner, an estimate of what your company is Tulsa Business Valuations 23worth. There are several ways people do this which we will explain later on. If you are thinking about selling your company, getting a business loan, adding shareholders, or even in certain tax cases and you find yourself needing a business valuation, get the free Tulsa business valuation from Oklahoma Business Brokers.

We sit down with you and go over all of the different areas of your business in order to get the most accurate business valuation. We’ll go over items such as the current market value, profit/loss statements, assets, management structure, cash on hand, projections, etc. We do through this with an entire team of entrepreneurs who currently all own their own businesses so you can trust that we want the best for you and know how to properly value a business.

Asset-Based Business Valuations

One of the ways you can have your business valued is with what is called asset-based business valuation and this is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You can get a Tulsa business valuation based on what assets the business has. You can do a liquidation type asset approach which is where you calculate what the liquidation or cash value of the assets are and base the valuation on that or you can also do something called “a going concern” assets-based approach which is where we subtract the business liabilities from the businesses total assets and the book value of the balance sheet.  

This is a great way for larger companies or corporations to get a valuation but many times the smaller business owner or single-owner LLC loses out on this because many times the business owner often has their own personal property they use for the business and when you cannot count that, the business valuation would not be as high.

Future Earning Valuations 

Tulsa Business Valuations 6120169Another way businesses can get valued is by something called Future Earnings or the Earning Value approach which is placing the value of the business based on the ability of that particular business to earn money or wealth in the future. This can be calculated by using past earnings of the company and then projecting what those earnings may be in the future or you can take the average earnings of the company, and use that as a basis to project future earnings.

Market Value Business Valuations

How much is your business worth? Simply put, whatever someone is willing to pay for it! That is another way you can get a Tulsa business valuation, is to look at similar businesses to yours that have sold in the same area, same space as you, and see what those businesses were purchased for. This is one of the more popular ways to value a business.

Which one of these approaches is right for you and your business? At Oklahoma Business Brokers, we use a unique blend of all 3. We look at your business from every single angle so we can provide you with the most comprehensive business valuation in all of Tulsa and…it is100% FREE!

Contact us today to get your free valuation so you can know EXACTLY how much your business is truly worth.

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