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What separates our team of Oklahoma business brokers from other companies that can show you Tulsa businesses for sale? Or other businesses that offer the ability to help sell businesses in Tulsa, OK? Simply put, it is our team. We have assembled the best team around and we provide all of this expertise to you. We have over 60 years of combined expertise in buying businesses, growing businesses, selling businesses, starting business, and helping other entrepreneurs do the same. Our clients have been seen on Fox, Forbes, Tulsa World, Bloomberg, Channel 8, Fast Company, and many other leading media outlets. To put it shortly, we get results.

Our team consists of actual business owners that know exactly how to properly and fairly value a business. Instead of an accountant or someone with a law background telling you how much your business is worth or how much you should buy a business for, how about getting a valuation from actual business owners who are still actively growing, buying, and selling businesses?

Another area that we are a little different than other Oklahoma business brokers is that we provide every client of our FREE business valuations. If you want to buy a business but are not sure exactly what you should offer, let us value it for you as well as helping you with negotiations, inventory management, and much more. Trying to sell a business but don’t want to under value your business? Let us help you come up with a fair starting asking price and we can help you sell it as well. We offer this free Tulsa business valuation and all it takes is for you to call us or fill out our form.

Not only are we offering a free Tulsa business valuation for all clients, but we also promise that you will get it back faster than any other Tulsa company as well. That is our guarantee.

A Unique Perspective 

One of the MANY ways that we are different than other Oklahoma Business Brokers is that we have a very unique perspective. Our team consists of actual business owners and entrepreneurs that all have started businesses, grown businesses, bought businesses, and helped thousands of business owners grow. We brought this amazing team together so we can provide you with some amazing experience and expertise. We are entrepreneurs. We get it. We actually work in the business, we talk the talk, we get the vision, and are not just glorified accountants.

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As Oklahoma business brokers, because of our unique team that we have assembled, we have the ability to come up with creative solutions to your specific problem. Do you want to buy a business but don't have relationships with a bank or lender? We do. Want to sell a business but don't know how to get a fair valuation? We do it for you. We are able to offer you all of the solutions you may need, all under the same roof.

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