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Have you ever wondered if you should sell your business? Has the thought ever crossed your mind? If so, Businesses For Sale Tulsa 2249538 chances are you thought about it, and then pushed the idea aside because it sounds absurd. Yet for some reason, the thought keeps popping back up in your head. At Oklahoma Business Brokers, we’ve all been there. We get it. One thing we like to say at Oklahoma Business Brokers is that your business is a tool to get you exactly where you want to go. Your business is a vehicle that should serve you, your family, and your goals. That’s where the top Businesses For Sale Tulsa firm, otherwise known as Oklahoma Business Brokers come into play.

But what happens when your business is no longer serving you in the way you once intended? That doesn’t mean that there are thousands of burning fires in the company and you can’t necessarily get it under control (although we’ve all been there at one point too). It just means that your business no longer serves the life you want. Does that mean it’s time to start looking at the Businesses For Sale Tulsa option? 

That’s why, at Oklahoma Business Brokers, we compiled a list of 10 reasons you actually should sell your business. Chances are, if you arrived at this article and you’re thinking about it, it’s probably time to at least see what Businesses For Sale Tulsa options you have. So what are some positive reasons you should sell your business you ask? 

  • Share the Wealth

Okay… so your business is no longer serving you! That’s okay. It’s time to share the wealth. If your business is no longer serving you, that typically means your goals have changed. From our experience, you’ve outgrown your business. You are craving and itching to start the next thing — a bigger thing. You’ve graduated from creating a job for yourself to creating a business, and now that you’ve graduated from that phase, it’s time to build your empire. So share the wealth, and help the next generation get started with a firm foundation, and watch what can be made from what you already built. Offer up your business on the Businesses For Sale Tulsa listings today!

  • Share the Knowledge

There is a John Maxwell quote we are fond of here at Oklahoma Business Brokers. John Maxwell says, “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” You saw ahead. You build something incredible. Share your knowledge. Mentor the next generation. After all, we all benefit from the next generation being better than we were. 

  • Do More in the World

If you are a seasoned business owner, you probably have had to face the hard truth that the rest of the world simply doesn’t work like you do. There are specific traits such as resiliency that most business owners possess that don’t come so easily to the rest of the world (not that your resilient nature came easy to you of course). Because of your strength, your drive, and your resiliency, the world needs your innovative, problem solving mind to do more things. Don’t hang onto your business for emotional reasons if you’re meant for more. Begin the Businesses For Sale Tulsa journey today.  

  • Time Freedom 

Most business owners don’t know this word. Time freedom in your business is 100% possible. However, most business owners have created a business that will only exist with them involved. What happened to the time freedom you once craved? At Oklahoma Business Brokers, if you are looking to gain more time freedom, but you simply don’t see a way to even begin selling your business, we can help with that too. Imagine if you sell your company, how much time freedom would that give you back for you and your family, or time freedom in the meantime to start and grow the next thing. Whatever your goal, selling your business can give you the time and freedom to get there. 

  • Financial Freedom 

Okay.. this one doesn’t even need an explanation. All you have to do is call Oklahoma Business Brokers right now, and see what your business is valued at, and then leave the rest to us. BOOM… it’s like magic. In a snap, you can truly know just what you’ve spent building is actually worth. There is the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Nail It

Do you have systems in your business? Did you take an idea from nothing, and create something that you have officially nailed down. Did you turn something that was a thought, and turn it into a profitable business model? Did you create systems in place to duplicate without you having to be physically in the building 24/7? Then in that case…. You nailed it. Now what’s the next step? 

  • Scale it 

Even if you want to scale your business, create new locations, acquire possible franchisees or licensees to take the baton further so to speak – Oklahoma Business Brokers can help with that as well. Once you’ve nailed it, one way or another, it’s time to scale it. We can consult with you, and show you different options to take your investments and success. 

  • Be An Opportunistic Thinker

So many people rob themselves of opportunity to grow, to make more money, and simply to be better as humans because we are so closed off from opportunity. For a second, ask yourself what opportunities exist to you if you were to sell your business and be one of the Businesses For Sale Tulsa opportunists. I give you permission, colleague to colleague to think a little bigger for yourself. Opportunity can be found personally and professionally. Ask yourself right now what opportunities you are robbing yourself of by not pursuing, at least the discussion of selling your company. 

  • Logic Over Emotion

Oftentimes, we find that business owners want to sell their business, they know it’s time to sell their business, and logically, the business simply no longer serves their goals. When you get to this point, it’s time for me to help be the voice of reason to explain to you that it’s time to think with logic over emotion. Emotion stops motion. There is nothing that the “goal obliterator” (a mythical creature we just created to give you a visual of how bad this can be) wants more than for you to stop the motions that bring you closer to your goals. Success is found in the small steps. Don’t rob yourself of more success because you’re too emotionally tied to your past successes. 

  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Businesses For Sale Tulsa 8292896The gift that keeps on giving can still be your business! The best thing is that when you work with Oklahoma Business Brokers, we can create an entire agreement that fits any goal you could possibly have. With our business experience, we can create a complete transaction that transfers the business entirely, or we can help you broker an agreement where you offer your expertise and continue getting paid a percentage of revenue or profits. Either way, your business can still be the gift that keeps on giving if you work with a Businesses For Sale Tulsa brokerage firm to help create a win for both the buyer, and the seller alike. 

To get the process started, visit to learn more about how we can help you get started on the next phase in life, whether that is buying, or selling a business in Oklahoma. Get your business evaluated by Oklahoma’s premiere business brokerage firm, with brokers who have over 60 years of combined business experience. Request an evaluation today. Call 918.805.9160 to learn more about Oklahoma Business Brokers – the leading options when you’re looking for help with Businesses For Sale Tulsa listings today! 

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