Businesses For Sale Tulsa: Buy a Business, or Start a Business…. That is the question. 

Businesses For Sale In Oklahoma 3446There are some businesses that come up for sale, and the question is, is that buyer better off just starting from scratch? This is the question most sellers come asking the brokers at Impact Business Brokers of Oklahoma. It’s the number one question on everyone’s mind when they come to us or begging google searching “Businesses For Sale Tulsa”. You are probably thinking at this point, “Does anyone want to buy my business? Is my business even worth selling?” This s a common question, more than you even know! 

Is my business worth selling? 

Let me give you an example. Take a donut shop down the street. What if said donut shop was open for 6 months before the owners went bankrupt unable to pay the debt accrued from heavy expense cost from start up. There is some value in the fact that the kitchen equipment is already set up. But typically within 6 months, a breakfast spot hasn’t had a chance to catch on too much, and actually build a loyal customer base. 

In this case, why wouldn’t the buyer just go save $20,000.00 – find a donut recipe that is pretty good – and open up shop down the road. These are things you need to seek consultation from an objective Oklahoma Business Broker here at Impact Business Brokers of Oklahoma! 

With all of our business valuations (that we provide for free by the way) we determine what type of businesses for sale Tulsa you have. At the end of the day, your business is worth profit times 2.5 plus assets. Sometimes there may be a little goodwill in your company. This can be in terms of things such as: 

  • Brand 

Brand is a funny thing. Brand is the perceived value your buyer has for you and the product or service you offer. Does the website look good? Are photos decent. Do we look outdated or do we like what we have become? Sometimes, a brand has a good….. 

  • Reputation 

Reputation. If a brand has a good reputation, there is sometimes value in that. A good example of a solid reputation is a company with exceptional reviews. This can be reviews on Yelp!, Google, Facebook, video reviews and so much more! 

  1. Opportunity

Sometimes there is opportunity in businesses. For example, say the city just got a multi-million dollar grant to pour into economic expansion. Guess what, if you are a business owner offering a quality product or service, your business will thrive in opportunities like this. Sometimes there is value in opportunity your business could have! 

There are all things that are sometimes difficult to monetize. Ultimately, the value is in the mind of the buyer. You can’t every definitely say exactly what your business is worth. It ultimately comes down to – what is someone willing to pay?

Sometimes as a Buyer – Maybe You Shouldn’t Start From Scratch!

Sometimes the question becomes, should I just start from scratch. At Impact Business Brokers, we encourage you not to reinvent the wheel when you can. There is value in selling aBusiness Brokers Tulsa 159306 business, even if the sale is small in monetary gains, it is still great to go through a brokerage firm as both a buyer, and a seller. You get options while searching for businesses for sale Tulsa! 

Contact a Oklahoma Business Broker – What Does This Help When You’re Looking to Buy a Business!

  • Make More Money 
  • Save More!
  • More Options 
  • Guidance 
  • Consultative Wealth Services 
  • Network 
  • The More the Merrier! 

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