If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, first congratulations!

This is a big step which ever you decide to do. Now you need to decide which Tulsa Business Brokers to use.

Tulsa Business Brokers 327540There’s so many out there, how do you know that you are using the absolute best?

Well with impact Business Brokers and Oklahoma, we are the business brokers that Tulsa has trusted for over 50 years in business.

All of our founders have over 50 years of combined experience, they have been seen in Forbes.com, Tulsa World, FOX23, and much more.

The reason why, is that we are all business owners, we all own our own businesses. We are able to help other business owners avoid the pitfalls that can typically happen when you go to sell your business. We know what to look for!

The same thing goes for when you are buying a business, we can help you make sure that you were making a profitable investment where you actually stand a chance to make your money back in a realistic timeframe.

If this sounds like the Business Brokers that you want to use, I have even better news for you.

We actually offer a free Tulsa business valuations for any and all potential clients.

This is a service that other Business Brokers in Oklahoma will typically charge over $2000 for! Tulsa Business Valuations 23

We offer it to you for 100% free.

The reason why is because one we want to make sure that we work well together, too we want make sure that we are aligned on the goals that you have set and we want to be able to exceed your expectations of those goals.

Today or fill out form and we will be in contact with you soon and again, congratulations on buying or selling your business.


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